FASHION designer Lynsey Moores plans to run the Morrisons Great Manchester Run despite her 'nightmare roller-coaster journey' with MS.

Lynsey, a single parent from Old Trafford, has been unable to see, speak, swallow and walk at times because of her uncertain condition.

Lynsey, who was diagnosed shortly after youngest son Jacob, now seven, was born, said: "I've decided not to live in fear of MS. I won't be beaten by it any longer and let it rule my life as it has done for so long.

"Fortunately, I've not had a major relapse for quite a while and do count myself as one of the lucky ones. I hadn't done any exercise but am now gradually getting fit.

"The most important thing is to complete the course and raise as much money as I can for the MS Society."

Lynsey has been selected as one of 'Radcliffe's Great Runners' for Manchester event on Sunday, May 10, which means she will be mentored by athletics legend Paula Radcliffe who wants to inspire women to lead a more active lifestyle.

"It's going to be amazing to meet Paula, having watched her so many times on television," added Lynsey who can be sponsored at or text ROAR80 to 70070.

Paula said: "I admire Lynsey for her determination and she is setting a fine example to others. Everyone has their personal goal and reason for taking part.

"You don't have to be an elite athlete to take part. A 10k road run is the perfect entry level distance. It's long enough to be a challenge but not too daunting for a first-timer."

Paula will offer training advice to Lynsey and give her a final pep talk before the Morrisons Great Manchester Run

* The Morrisons Great Manchester Run on Sunday, May 10, attracts up to 40,000 runners. To enter go to


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