MAJOR concerns have been raised about the closure of Davyhulme Library and the subsequent lack of provision for both young children and the elderly.

It has led to Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green saying: "What have Trafford Tories got against our young people?"

By closing three libraries including Davyhulme, Bowfell and Lostock, Trafford Council estimates it will save more than £160,000 a year, and by slashing the current £294,000 book budget by more than one third, it will save a further £105,000.

The reopened public consultation into the library closure plan will close on February 13.

The Messenger spoke this week with parents and carers, who use the facilities at Davyhulme, who now fear the closure would not be backed up with reciprocal services elsewhere.

Caroline Campion who attends the pre-school sessions said the majority of people using the facility feared the worst.

She said: "The library has been a real asset to the area and once it's gone it's gone forever.

"I have read the consultation document and it seem a bit thin on detail because most parents want some assurances about the enhancement of the facilities elsewhere, and this document mentions nothing."

Carer Lisa Whelan, who has been organising petitions to save the library said: "To lose this library would be such a big waste, I know there are people who use Kindles these days but there the older generation and younger generation that don't necessarily have access to these."

Ms Whelan said Urmston Library was not the answer for many parents and elderly people because it was too far for them to use it.

She added: "We have been to Urmston Library but the classes are so oversubscribed there is no way people can get in.

"For many people this library is their only form of contact with the community and when that goes so does that personal interaction."

Library volunteer Janet Bellass said: "This facility provides a way for people to meet up and we even have people from Sale travelling here. It is wonderful to see the friendships develop and the pre-school group here has just grown since the Sure Start centre was closed in 2013."

The library, which attracts up to 400 people, a week is also a focus for disabled people because of its ease of access.

Ms Green added: "First they made a series of cuts leaving us with just two Sure Starts, then they axed our youth service, now they're cutting library sessions for young children, which are so important in helping to introduce them to the magic of reading.

"Failing to invest in the next generation is short sighted and unfair."

In response Cllr Sean Anstee said no face to face meeting had been held in Davyhulme because the venue was unsuitable, but other nearby venues had been opened up consultation.

In response to the provision of expanded classes elsewhere he said: "The Home Library Service is available as an alternative for those customers who qualify for it and are unable to use an alternative facility.

"The library service will work with users of these libraries to signpost and support the transfer of their activities to alternative sites."

Cllr Anstee said all three nearby libraries had good transport links and or were within a short distance explaining that the majority of users already went to both Davyhulme and Urmston libraries.

When asked whether slashing the book fund by one third would have a detrimental effect he said: "This is proportionate to the number of libraries that will remain in Trafford.

"We are also part of the North West library purchasing consortium, which means we have access to greater buying power in terms of the costs of stock.

"In addition we are working with other Greater Manchester libraries to allow Trafford Library users to be able to access their libraries."

He added: "Trafford will maintain eleven libraries across the borough, along with other services such as the Home Library Service to ensure that there continues to be access for all residents.

"We have worked hard to ensure a high level of provision remains across the borough, despite the financial challenges faced."