THEY may enjoy a fierce rivalry on the football pitch, but Manchester and Liverpool share a rich musical heritage.

From The Beatles to Echo and the Bunnymen and the Lightning Seeds, many great bands have emerged from the city at the end of the M62.

Sale film maker Brett Gregory, the man behind Serious Feather, said it seemed logical to celebrate the musical achievements of our neighbours from Merseyside after his production company captured the scene in his home city in Manchester: Beyond Oasis in 2012.

He said Liverpool: Beyond The Beatles cost £25,000 thanks to the production team who worked for free.

Brett added: "Both regions are in close proximity and have a rich and combative cultural heritage which, we should never forget, have also been extremely cooperative and mutually influential over the years. Together both films now serve as an entertaining and enlightening historical record of the 21st century independent music scene in the north west."

He said coming from outside Merseyside an advantage when making the film.

"My position as an ‘outsider’ was crucial really since it allowed me to view and edit the footage without bias, prejudice or favouritism. My role was simply to learn more about the region and its people in their own words, and then act like a sort of conduit, passing on my new found knowledge on to the film’s audience."

Liverpool's musical heritage has been well-documented and said it's also an exciting place musically today and Brett said the city is going through "a musical resurgence at present."

In his opinion, bands to look out for include Stealing Sheep, Jetta and Forest of Swords.

After a series of screenings in the city in the New Year, Liverpool: Beyond The Beatles will be issued on DVD to what Brett described as Serious Feather's "dedicated supporters." Eventually the film will be released online for free with the intention of reaching an international audience.

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