SUCCESS stories, the storytelling group aimed at adults, is back in business after a six months suspension whilst their founder and organiser, Sharon Richards underwent cancer treatment.

At their last meeting at the Moorfield pub, Marsland Road, Sale, Sharon said: ”I’m glad the club is up and running again. It’s good to do something that doesn’t involve hospitals. The standard, tonight, was very high.”

The standard was so high that two people were awarded a trophy jointly enabling them to enter for the club’s best story teller of the year.

One was Simon Lloyd, aged 37, whose skit on being a cave tour guide got many laughs.

“Cave guides have a particular way of speaking and I thought I could use that,” he said.

Simon now lives in Bolton, but his mum still lives in Brookfield Drive, Timperley, where he was brought up and attended Altrincham Boys Grammar School.

His co-winner was seasoned story teller and speaker, Pennant Roberts. He can boast second place in an Association of Speakers Clubs national competition and coming third in a BBC short story event.

A retired pharmacist, he spoke, Dylan Thomas style, about the potions and elixirs, in an Apothecary shop.

Pennant, 82, said: “When you have won a lot of competitions, you get blasé. The other people matter and it was nice to have a young person share the prize.”

* The next story telling session is at the Moorfield pub on December 15. Contact Sharon on 07854 227 805 for information.