A SALE-based entrepreneur has landed a licensing agreement which will take his programme 'R U Different?' into up to 50 Danish schools for a minimum of two years.

Gary Lovatt has licensed his company Social Sense’s product as part of a £170,000 research project led by the University of Southern Denmark, with the aim of improving attitudes and reducing risk taking behaviours in teenagers and adolescents.

The project is set up as a large controlled trial and is one of the first projects in Denmark testing the social norms approach.

Associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Christiane Stock, said: “We have been following Social Sense for some time and always admired their work.

"They are seen as the world leader in this field and we’re very excited to be bringing their knowledge, experience and innovative methods to Denmark.

"We see great potential in working together with Social Sense as specialist in social marketing campaigns in order to improve attitudes and behaviours in Danish adolescents."

Visit rudifferent.co.uk for more information.