REALITY TV star Amy Childs is bringing her beauty and fashion products to the Pro Beauty North Show this weekend.

Featuring her new fragrance and new cream tanning range, Amy will be working the stand as well as meeting some of her fans.

Known for being a qualified beautician, Amy's range includes her new tanning range, famed for taking two years to produce and this will be on sale.

Amy Childs will be also be giving the inside scoop as to how she dropped a dress size with 3d-lipo at the show. 

"I’ve been working with 3D-lipo for the last couple of months now and have had a number of treatments to tackle a variety of areas," said Amy. "I had heard of 3D-lipo and wanted to see how it works, and just after a couple of sessions, I actually started to notice a difference - it’s incredible!

"The sessions are not long or painful either, so when I leave the clinic I can carry on with my day without having to worry about recovering which is perfect."

Treatments last no longer than 45 minutes and there is no ‘downtime’ after each session making it a perfect lunchtime fix for those who are constantly on the go.