RESIDENTS living in sheltered accommodation in Sale are increasingly frustrated that they are unable to alter the heating in their own homes.

Housing provider, Anchor, which manages High Lee House, on Broad Road, installed a new boiler in the building in March, which is controlled externally and means residents are not able to alter heating within their flats.

Raymond Gardner, 93, who lives in High Lee, said heating can be turned off between 9pm at night and 9am the next morning, claiming that his bathroom can be so cold in the morning that his mirrors steam up and towels are cold.

Another resident, John Byrne, 63, said: "A chap just came out of hospital with cancer and he's supposed to shower every day, but it is so cold in his shower room that he is going to his son's house every day which is around five miles away."

Anchor has claimed that the heating in High Lee is never turned off, but rather, is always maintained between 21 and 24 degrees Celsius – but residents say the housing provider is missing point.

Mr Gardner said: "We are not concerned with temperatures,

"We want to be able to turn the heat up when we require it. which we could do when we had the original boiler.

"Each resident requires individual heat according to their needs.

"Some feel the cold more than others therefore they should be able to adjust the heat themselves just as they could before.

"They do not need someone to watch over them and dictate to them, they are not fuddy-duddies.

"Some have lived long enough, myself and my wife included to have worked producing aircraft for the 1939-1945 war so that these Anchor people could live in peace and not be dictated too as they are dictating to us."

Residents have organised a petition against the heating changes which 23 of the 25 flats have signed up to and have had several meetings with their ward councillor, Jane Baugh.

Andrew Appleton, district manager for High Lee House, said Anchor's heating policy is based on Age UK advice and the company has "a duty of care to provide a safe, comfortable environment at all of our locations".

"If tenants need additional heat, they can use a convector heater or oil filled radiator.

“We are monitoring this situation so temperature levels are maintained within agreed levels with monitors being placed in two of the flats.

“We are listening to tenants’ concerns and working with them to help them understand this new boiler system. Our tenants’ wellbeing is paramount to us.”