THE HS2 Action Alliance has responded angrily to Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh after her commentst about HS2.

Ms Creagh said that 'Labour supports HS2 because we must address the capacity problems that mean thousands of commuters face cramped, miserable journeys into Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and London', But Richard Houghton, a director for HS2AA, said: "This shows astonishing ignorance about what HS2 is all about.

"HS2 is a high speed railway between London and Manchester; it will do nothing whatsoever to relieve commuting problems into these cities for the millions of commuters who live within only a few miles of one of these places and who travel in every day.

"The Labour Party should be supporting local people in their everyday commutes, not a Tory transport project that is not wanted by the British people.

"Why is the Labour Party propping up the Tory-led Coalition and this disastrously expensive and out-of-control project, against the wishes of the people?”

If plans go ahead, the HS2 line will cut through parts of Trafford to the proposed new station at Manchester Airport, before continuing on into Manchester.