MESSENGER has recently featured a number of articles detailing what the proposed High Speed Rail line means for the borough, with one story – aptly named ‘Have your say about the impact of HS2’ – prompting a lively and lengthy debate on our website.

Marion McNaughton, from Warburton, where part of the HS2 line is planned to run through, said: “The HS2 line to Manchester will benefit only the small number of intercity passengers who can afford a high priced ticket to Birmingham or London.

“It will bring no benefit to commuters, because there are no stations in commuter areas.

“It will bring reduced mainline services to the thousands of people who now rely on them, because HS2 will replace current services, not augment them.”

Ewen Simpson, from Whatcroft, near Northwich, agreed: “Just say the magic words: ‘this massive infrastructure project will bring a large number of jobs to your constituency’ and the politician immediately translates ‘jobs into votes and legacy’ and, despite the fact that HS2 will not provide long term sustainable jobs or an economic nirvana, the politician will blindly support the project. - Sir Richard Leese please note.

“Capacity problems are only within the commuter belt, HS2 will not solve this problem.”

But Peter Davidson, named as a transport modelling practitioner, questioned how Ms McNaughton ‘knew for sure’ that HS2 will only benefit intercity passengers.

Adding: “Please provide some reasoning for what is essentially a guess on your part - a guess more than 10 years ahead of the outcome - I wish I boasted even half your powers of prediction!

“In reality you don't know but you've read it somewhere (probably on an anti HS2 campaign site) so you thought you'd repeat what amounts to a myth here.”

However, Helen E S defended Ms McNaughton: “It is a fact that there are no stations in commuter areas, e.g. people in Macclesfield will have to travel to Manchester to catch a pricey high speed train. Currently, they can catch a London train from”