FRANK is coming home - and it could be within the next month.

The final touches have now been put to the statue of a unique comic talent and Councillor Neil Taylor, a spokesman for the fundraising project, hopes it will be in Timperley in October.

Frank Sidebottom was created by the late Chris Sievey and the statue (pictured) has been made by Paulina Skavova, an artist based in the Czech Republic.

It will stand in Frank’s beloved Timperley and an unveiling date will be announced.

Neil said: “I am delighted with the statue, and it’s looking bazzing. Not long till the unveiling, and the whole project has been done by fans, all for the love of Frank. Once known for cardboard and paper Mache, now immortalised forever in bronze”

Sculptor Colin Spofforth made the model that inspired the statue and he had nothing but praise for the finished product and the generosity and enthusiasm of the prpject’s supporters.

He said: “They’ve done a really good job and I think everyone will be impressed when the statue arrives.”

He added that Paulina is a “very talented artist in her own right.”

Colin visited the foundry where the statue was made and joked that explaining Frank’s zany appeal wasn’t an easy task.

He said: “No-one over there knows anything about Frank Sidebottom and tjhey’re really quite perplexed as to what it’s all about. I think you have to be a Mancunian really to understand Frank Sidebottom.”