AN amp once owned by a pop legend will be used to perform a tribute to the most iconic band in modern music - at a gig in Altrincham.

The piece of equipment, once the property of George Harrison, will be used to play songs by the Beatles at the 4 Teas In Alty event.

It accompanied Harrison on a range of projects, including the recording of the supergroup’s Sgt Pepper and Revolver albums - and current owner Chris Hewitt said the piece is worth between £75,000 and £100,000.

Former Oasis guitarist Bonehead will use the prized piece of equipment to pay musical homage to The Beatles during a performance at South City Music, in Altrincham, on August 17.

The 59-year-old, who started Ozit Morpheus Records and Chris Hewitt Music Archive, said he came across the amp while putting together an exhibition on 70s cult band Joy Division.

He said: “I was putting together a Joy Division and Martin Hannett exhibition with Peter Hook in 2010 and part of my remit was to find the exact same equipment they used on stage.

“So I was pleased when I managed to find an amp to buy for the Joy Division exhibition - and even more pleased when during a repair my amp repairer found the George Harrison Beatles markings on it.

“I also now have documentaion from Apple in the 70s to show that George owned this particular amp.”

Chris, who lives in Northwich, said the amp has many distinctive musical qualities and said the sound it produces can’t be captured on modern amps.

He said he’s a Beatles fan and he met a “quiet and reserved” George Harrison while working for the star’s Dark Horse record label in London in 1975.