AN Altrincham shop has a very rare item in stock - a guitar made from parts of an iconic Manchester nightclub.

Only six of the instruments are being made using pieces of the now demolished Hacienda and the piece now hangs in South City Music.

It has been designed by Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook and music archivist Chris Hewitt and consists of various sections salvaged from the venue that once stood on Whitworth Street West.

Adam Masters, the shop’s co-owner said: “I think the conservation came about when they picked a piece of the Hacienda floor board up and Chris said this would make a cracking fret board for a guitar. Then ideas started coming out and before you know it there’s a bass made up of the remnants of the Hacienda.”

The guitar is known as the Hacienda Bass and was made by Brian Eastwood. It features various pieces of the club, including parts of the dancefloor.

Adam said: “The fret board, the neck, that’s Canadian maple. Even that’s got a story, the whole Factory Records thing and Tony Wilson spending too much money on everything. No expensive was spared on Canadian maple for the dancefloor. The fret board is the dancefloor, so includes stiletto marks and cigarette burns. The little block in the middle of the guitar is a piece of the bar and the metal plates on the back of it and on the top of the head stack are from the club’s staircase.”

Manchester music legend Hook, one of Adam’s friends, owns one of the instruments and Adam said he hopes this instrument stays in the city where it was made when it is finally sold.

He added: “I posted pictures of it on the shop’s Facebook page and people have come in just to have a look at it. I’ve got customers - that I must phone and tell them I’ve got it - who met in the Hacienda and are now married with kids. It was an important place to a lot of people.”