CHILDREN have the chance this summer to follow in the adventurous footsteps of two former mill apprentices.

Quarry Bank has used the real-life stories of the Baker brothers to inspire an interactive trail of exhibits and fun activities that will entertain and inform people of all ages.

“Children are going to be able to create their own adventure by following the story trail through the mill and beyond,” said Kate Picker, visitor experience officer.

“It’s a lot of fun, but they will discover something about the part the apprentices played in the mill and a little about what life was like for them in the 1800s.”

Job Baker ran away from Quarry Bank Mill in 1827 in a surprising act of disobedience. The 14-year-old was always considered a model apprentice so his disappearance came as a shock to everyone.

His story – and that of his brother George – have inspired 'An Apprentice Adventure' which will keep the little ones out of mischief this summer.

It is full of interactive fun such as ‘fishing’ from a raft, making a puppet show and even hiding in a ‘wood’. Children can even create their own story, by deciding what happened next to Job and George.

“They were mischievous children, but two of the real characters in Quarry Bank’s rich history,” said Kate.

“They are the perfect inspiration for a trail like this, which will give the children something to do all through the summer.”

An Apprentice Adventure runs until September 6, 11am to 5pm. On weekdays between July 27 and August 28 there will be hands-on craft activities, including making mini rafts or nature print magnets.

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