THE grunts and groans from my fellow ‘inmates’ would make a labour ward sound like a hushed library.

Determined to shed a few pounds, I’d set off to Team Bootcamp run by former Royal Marine Craig Williams and his wife Paula, at the luxurious Heydour House in Grantham, Lincs.

For my first session at the camp, I was paired up with Katrina, a bride-to-be who like me was hoping to lose between 2 and 5lbs over the weekend. Campers can expect to lose between 8 to 11lbs in a week.

Along with 12 other campers, we lined up in a stable block and were put through an hour long session, taking it in turns to do 45 seconds of squats, power jumps, jump lunges, step ups and burpees and after an hour I doubted if I could last another three minutes, never mind days.

Residential bootcamps where former soldiers and marines put men and women through their paces have seen a huge boom in the last few years thanks to celebs like Warrington’s own Kerry Katona.

Team Bootcamp is the UK’s only 'paleo' camp, following the diet known as the caveman plan as it is rich in protein, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, with small portions to aid weight loss.

While founder Craig Williams and trainer Dave Kelly will push you to your maximum, they coax rather than holler and alternate tough training days made up of runs, assault courses, circuits and boxing sessions with active recovery days with gentle walks and low impact activities like pilates, stretch classes and even afternoon naps!

When you’re with trainers like Dave, a strapping 6ft 6in former marine, you can see how celebs can turn their bodies round so quickly.

After our first session, breakfast was paleo granola and coconut milk, which was actually really tasty, then we had a quick rest before our next challenge.

Dave and Craig had us running relay races round the assault course, again in our pairs followed by another boxing session with Dave.

Then came the afternoon session – a six mile walk with a treasure hunt – but this time we had a reward of a paleo chocolate brownie!

Dinner was meatballs and tomato sauce with baked sweet potato and by 9pm I was ready to curl up in bed.

The following day was just as brutal, starting with laps of the nearby lake then kettlebell exercises, another beasting on the assault course, circuits with Dave and a six-mile walk.

Thankfully the Sunday was active recovery, a ten mile walk in the morning, followed by stretching and pilates.

And Sunday dinner was roast turkey with veg and mashed sweet potato and coconut fruitcake for dessert.

Craig and Paula make sure clients train hard and learn about nutrition so they can keep the weight off in the long term.

After three days at camp, I was thrilled to lose 4lbs, and despite the training, I felt rested – probably due to the early nights – and more energised, and most importantly, more inclined to get my trainers on a few times a week so I could carry on feeling fit and on the right track.

A weekend at Team Bootcamp starts at £249 and includes food and accommodation. To find out more go to