'WHEN in Rome' is perhaps a terrible cliché to start any review with but stick with me.

As how else can you describe wandering around one of the country's most famous historic attractions before heading across the road to 'do as the Romans did'.

That is the set-up for visitors heading to the idyllic Somerset city of Bath following the restoration of Thermae Bath Spa, complete with open-air roof top pool, just yards away from tourist favourite the Roman Baths.

My boyfriend and I began our encounter with the city's natural hot springs in one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world.

Tours of the site take in the ancient heated rooms and changing rooms as well as the 'Ta-dah' moment stepping out on the ancient cobbled pathways around the Great Bath as the Romans did 2,000 years ago.

A detailed history of the site is provided by audio guides with commentary for youngsters and Bill Bryson fans to keep visitors entertained including my personal favourite tale regarding notes being thrown into the water calling on the Gods to damn and torture thieves of a comb and a pair of gloves. Harsh times.

And after immersing yourself in history you can go for a dip yourself at one of the city's more modern attractions.

With views across the city while you're floating in what feels like a warm bath, you probably won't need much encouragement to try Thermae Bath Spa for yourself.

More than one million litres of mineral-rich water flow from the springs in Bath each day to supply four baths at Thermae with the optimum bathing temperature of approximately 33.5°C (92°F).

My favourite of the three floors of luxury below the spa's star roof-top attraction was the Minerva Bath, named after the Roman goddess of health and wisdom, which incorporates a gentle current to push you around the circumference of the pool and an invigorating whirlpool. Bliss.

After that you can breathe in the soothing vapours of the steam rooms, each with its own infused aromatic essence including jasmine and mint, or hang out with fellow spa dressing gown and slipper-clad guests in the restaurant which provides light bites, three course meals or cheeky treats in the shape of chocolate and ginger tarts or blood orange and apple jelly.

In terms of ticking off all the other major sites in the city, look no further than the 'Hop on hop off' buses which take in all the main attractions including the Royal Crescent, the Jane Austen Centre and the Fashion Museum.

Our bubbly tour guide helped set the scene for locations in both Roman and Georgian times as well as providing fun anecdotes along the way and once you have explored the city at ground-level, the skyline bus provides some great views of the surrounding hills and countryside.

Overall a trip to Bath will definitely make you grateful for everything the Romans did for us.

Bath fact box:

SIP cocktails at one of the city's most popular bars Sub 31

STEP into The Jane Austen Centre and celebrate the city's most famous resident (£8 for adults)

INDULGE in an afternoon tea at the city's most magnificent restaurant The Pump Room

SWITCH your camera to panoramic mode for iconic landmark The Royal Crescent, including a museum of Georgian life

STROLL across the famous Pulteney Bridge and take in the surrounding shops and riverside cafes

VISIT Roman Baths (£13.50 for an adult ticket)

RELAX in Thermae Bath Spa (£27 for a two hour session)

TAKE in the magnificent stained-glass windows of Bath Abbey