SALE and Altrincham Musical Theatre is presenting Black Adder II for its next show.

The popular TV comedy will put SAMT’s slant on the stories thanks to director Ross Douglas, yet be faithful to the much-loved words and characterisations.

Actor Paul Rendel plays Lord Melchett.

He said: “I have tried to capture some of Stephen Fry’s pomposity. That, and I get to wear a splendid pair of false boobs!”

Paul is impressed with David Moreton in the title role and Stuart Sephton who plays his partner-in-crime, Baldrick.

“This is David’s first show with us. In character, he insists he is surrounded by imbeciles! Stuart’s sense of timing is second to none.

“We also have the fantastic Jenny Hollinshead as Queenie and Jan Taylor as her sidekick, Nursie.

“A special mention must go to Bob Gooch, who is responsible for our props. All the props on stage were created by him. But I don’t want to say too much because they make an entrance of their own!”

Although all four scenes are funny, Paul thinks Beer is the funniest.

“It’s as close to a bedroom farce as you can get and becomes chaotic at times,” he said.

He also thinks the scenes with Captain Rum (Stuart Harding) in Potato are hilarious.

“The cast love this scene,” he said.

* Blackadder II is at Altrincham Little Theatre from April 3 to 7. For tickets, telephone 07504 771 051 or email

Performance Rights will go to Comic Relief.