BEDROOM farces often have more spice when there’s a political element to them.

An example is Eric Chappell’s somewhat wordy comedy, Up and Coming, Altrincham Garrick Playhouse’s current production.

It concerns the struggles of Deputy Prime Minister Pip Conway, an alcoholic with an eye on becoming PM.

His weak spot is women. In that role, David Beddy is pursued by two — former lover, Vicky and secretary, Lorna Fiske.

Pip is, of course, married and such dalliances go against the grain for a man with political ambition. David’s face reflects all.

Joanne Buxton’s Vicky oozes sexiness as she lays not just herself but her motives bare.

Rachel Perrin’s Lorna is also besotted by Pip but her approach is totally different.

One of the funniest scenes is when both ladies end up in bed, not with Pip but with the one-eyed Lionel Berryman, MP (charismatic Mark Edgar-Clarkson) causing the ever so Prime Ministeral David Reynolds with his sarcastic wit, to complain that the chandelier in his room below is rattling!

It’s lovely to see Garrick stalwarts such as Martin Oldfield as the amusing special branch officer, Higgs, and David Reynolds as the Rt Hon. John Henderson, MP, strutting the boards again so professionally along with newly returned Matthew Foster as the Rt Hon. George Reynolds MP.

Thanks to the set designers — Trevor McKie, Paula Keen and Mark Jephcott and their team — the two roomed set has doors, through which the cast can appear and disappear or, where necessary, hide in their conference hotel.

* Up and Coming is at the Garrick Playhouse until Saturday. For tickets, telephone 0161 928 1677 or book on line.

Star rating: * * *