PROUD & Loud Arts is an inclusive Theatre Company which is a registered charity.

It removes misconceptions about the disabled by encouraging them to participate in live performances.

The next one, Affirmations, takes place on March 8 at Manchester City Art Gallery at 7 pm.

Jenni Willows, an Old Trafford resident for 20 years, has been a trustee of the charity for three years.

She said: “Among my fellow trustees are two original members who joined in 2000 when we opened.”

Jenni, 46, stressed that the disabled cast had devised all the interactions and movement within Affirmations which is a companion piece to Cells, presented in 2016.

Jenni, also a Development Manager with Home, the theatre, said: “I have long admired Proud & Loud’s willingness to challenge preconceptions about disability.

“Members, who are all artists in their own right, are constantly challenged. We support individuals to be the best they can be thus instilling self-confidence, speech and presentation skills which are useful in everyday life.”

She said that visitors will enjoy this free event because they can engage as a spectator or even participate themselves.

“Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and always thought-provoking, it simultaneously makes me laugh, moves me and challenges my misconceptions.

“I know it will have the same effect on the audience.

“My admiration for the individual performers is enormous. They are brave to expose their vulnerabilities in one-to-one encounters with the public.

“It is wonderful that they have devised their own performance pieces.”