THE Almighty Sometimes is about mental illness and smother Love.

Written by Kendall Feaver, the winner of a Judge’s prize at the Bruntwood playwriting event in 2015, it centres on 18-year-old Anna who has been prescribed a cocktail of drugs since childhood.

Norah Lopez Holden plays Anna, a daughter who is desperately trying to make a life of her own. In an incredible display of acting ability, she relinquishes her own inhibitions to illustrate a complex teenager who lets out her feelings in emotional outbursts.

An added twist is Anna’s love of writing which can only express itself when she is without the medical drugs she desperately needs.

Her equally troubled mother is played by Julie Hesmondhalgh who, after leaving Coronation Street where she played Hayley Cropper, has made her way in the theatre.

The relationship between mother and daughter is, despite their differences, ultimately based on love, but every bird needs to fly the nest and this natural urge heightens the girl’s frustrations.

As her psychiatrist, Vivienne, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, in a strong performance, is drawn into the conflict.

Another piggy in the middle is Oliver, Anna’s boyfriend who, played by Mike Noble, is impressive as a young man who just wants a quick affair but finds himself tangled up with the issues affecting this troubled family.

The excellent cast receive a standing ovation.

* The Almighty Sometimes is at the Royal Exchange Theatre until Saturday, February 24. For tickets, telephone 0161 833 9833. Star rating: * * * *.