POPULAR comedy writer, Eric Chappell is behind Altrincham Garrick Playhouse’s forthcoming play, Up and Coming.

It’s a play that political buffs will love.

Philip Conway, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the house is attending a party conference.

Tipped to be the new party leader, his campaign for power is in danger of collapse.

Visits from rivals, fellow conspirators and the all-too-attentive Vicky keep Philip on his toes.

What’s more, the world’s press is in the lobby, there are threats of assassination and students are rioting outside the hotel.

The result is an uncomfortable evening. Who will get his or her just deserts?

* Up and Coming is at the Garrick Playhouse, Barrington Road, Altrincham from February 26 – March 3. Tickets, priced £7.50 - £16.00 are available from 0161 928 1677, option 1.