ALTRINCHAM Garrick will have your mind buzzing all week after their production of Agatha Christie’s Go Back for Murder.

It is well named because lead character Carla takes us back 20 years as she tries to prove that her mother, who died in prison, was wrongfully detained for her father’s murder.

During the slightly slow first Act, Carla, with the help of a solicitor, Justin Fogg, addresses the witnesses from the original trial.

Each interview takes the form of a duologue between Carla and a witness and is a good way of registering each character with the audience.

After the interval, the protagonist manages to arrange a semi re-construction of the murder scene.

Parissa Zamanpour who plays Carla with an immaculate Canadian accent, does a fantastic job of illustrating her determination to clear her mother.

In the flashback Lindsey Barker captures the dilemma faced by Carla’s mum, Caroline, at the time of the murder.

Anthony Morris is effective as Justin Fogg and Christine Perry’s governess is credible.

Jonathan Black is equally believable as Phillip Blake and Steve Searcy as his brother, Meredith.

John Keen, who plays Amyas, the murdered man, is every inch an artist and adulterer, whilst Georgina Goodchild successfully plays both the adult and young Angela Warren, not an easy task.

I especially like Fiona Primrose as the femme fatal, Elsa Lady Melksham. She oozes stage presence. She, too, successfully travels back in time.

You still won’t know whodunnit until the very end as is Agatha Christie’s way.

This production is sponsored by the Vegetarian Society cookery school.

Go Back for Murder continues until Saturday.

For tickets, telephone 0161 928 1677 or book on line.

Star rating: * * *