Kevin Bryan delivers his verdict on some of this week's CD releases.

Dido,"Still On My Mind" (BMG)- Dido's very belated follow up to 2013's "Girl Who Got Away" finds the multi-million selling singer-songwriter moving even further away from her acoustic folk roots as she explores the delights of electronic pop and hip hop in close collaboration with her record producing brother Rollo Armstrong of Faithless fame. The polished and elegant result seems destined for another prolonged sojourn in the higher reaches of the album charts, with "Chances," "Some Kind Of Love" and the expansive "Hurricanes" emerging as stand-out tracks.

Sleeper, "The Modern Age" (Gorsky Records)-Louise Wener and her cohorts have returned to the fray after a 21 year hiatus with the release of "The Modern Age," marrying their classic Britpop sensibilities with a slightly more contemporary approach to music-making. Sleeper's refreshed and revitalised sound is captured at its most melodic and appealing on sublime ditties such as "Paradise Waiting," "Look At You Now" and the mildly psychedelic "The Sun Also Rises."

Greenslade,"Time & Tide"(Esoteric / Cherry Red)- Greenslade's innovative brand of keyboard dominated prog rock was all the rage for a few years during the early seventies, and this absorbing CD re-issue focusses attention on the final recording that they made together before management problems forced them to call it a day in 1976. The contents have been fleshed out with the inclusion of a bonus disc capturing a concert that they performed for Swedish radio in March 1975, featuring excellent live renditions of perennial crowd pleasers such as "Spirit of the Dance" and the title track of their second album,"Bedside Manners Are Extra."

Julian Sas, "Stand Your Ground" (Cavalier Music)- The tenth studio album from uncompromising Dutch blues-rocker Julian Sas is a real "back to the roots" affair, recorded in glorious analogue a few months ago with a no frills attitude which helps to capture the passion and spontaneity of one of the great man's legendary live performances. The finished product provides a near perfect vehicle for Julian's eloquent guitar work as he unveils compelling creations such as "Runnin' For The Money," "Howlin' Wind" and "Anything" for your listening pleasure.