1. Not many people have heard of it

Tell people you’re driving a Celerio and the most common response is ‘A what?’ It replaces Suzuki’s Alto and Splash as a city car and there is something nice about driving something that isn’t really common.

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2. It’s cheap & cheerful

It’s not often you can pick up a new car for less than £8k. You can get a lot of car for your money in a Suzuki Celerio SZ3.

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3. You’ll never reach triple figures

But you don’t ever REALLY need to in all honesty do you?! Its top speed is a modest 96mph. Cute.

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4. It has an impressive list of standard kit

Equipment includes a CD player with DAB radio, Bluetooth and a USB port, along with alloy wheels, electric windows and even air conditioning. Very cool.

Messenger Newspapers: Vehicle owners no longer have to display their road tax disc on their windscreen

5. There’s no road tax to pay

This is always nice to hear. The main engine is a 1.0-litre petrol with 68PS and 90Nm of torque, so it won't set any pulses racing, but insurance costs are low as well. Definitely a bargain.