WITH the limited edition V60 Polestar, you’ll finally get a glimpse of Volvo’s thrill-seeking and adventurous side.

At first, it looks pretty similar to a standard V60, although it does have a coupe-like appearance, despite its size.

But switch the engine on and hear it roar - a powerful 345bhp engine will take you to 60mph in less than five seconds and make you realise that this is a Volvo like no other.

The petrol-powered V60 has been re-engineered by Polestar technicians to create an exclusive car with a number of unique features.

Increased rigidity of the chassis combined with high performance shock absorbers and 20-inch Polestar wheels means a raised level of grip and a precise, yet comfortable, driving experience.

It has lots of power and torque and all of the kit you would expect of a performance car, such as four-wheel drive, sophisticated sports suspension and a loud exhaust.

Brakes have been updated and Polestar has also fitted springs that are 80% stiffer than standard and needless to say, the ride is really good.

Safety and comfort hasn’t been compromised though and there are all of the standard features you would expect.

Rear seats easily accommodate two adults or three children, and their backrests split 40/20/40 and fold perfectly flat.

There are also a range of luxury features, including a premium infotainment system with satnav, reversing camera, Bluetooth, DVD player and my favourite at this time of the year - heated seats and a heated steering wheel, no less.

It’s only the economy that isn’t worth shouting about – it’s a thirsty car that does less than 28 miles to the gallon.

The interior has been reworked with new materials and Polestar colours, such as the steering wheel and seats, to increase driver support and control.

You won’t see many on the roads either – only 750 are being produced worldwide with just 125 arriving in the UK from Sweden.

The Volvo V60 Polestar is a complete offering and each one is fully specified with every factory option possible.

In fact, the only option you have is what colour to choose. It is available in the striking colours of Rebel Blue, Black Sapphire Metallic, Bright Silver Metallic and Ice White.

Volvo’s warranty covers the first three years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Volvo V60 Polestar
On the road: £49,775
Top speed: 155mph
0-60mph: 4.8 seconds
Fuel: 27.7mpg (combined)
CO2 emissions: 237g/km