THE reason why Sharon Richards set up Success Stories, a storytelling club for adults which meets at the Wheat Sheaf Pub in Altrincham, is a story in itself.

The 55-year-old from Urban Road, Sale was a clinical psychologist and organisational psychologist until a frightening neurological condition stopped her from working.

Transformed Migraine meant that she lost her memory, stammered, couldn’t read and couldn’t recognise faces.

“I would collect my little boy from nursery and had to recognise him by his clothes. It was terrifying.”

Sam was adopted as a four month old baby just as Sharon’s symptoms were worsening. He is now a thriving 13-year-old.

She learnt to read again thanks to the Dore programme which helps returning astronauts with similar symptoms.

“In 2004 I took Sam and my birth child, George, who is four years older, to Waterside Arts and heard a storyteller. I could remember every word and started telling tales myself. It was wonderful!”

This inspired her to open the club in February 2011.

The meetings on the second Monday of the month are themed and members vote for the best storyteller of the night who receives an appropriate trophy.

Both storytellers and listeners enjoy a shared meal.

Special events are sometimes held for Jireh Outreach Ministeries in Kenya which helps Aids orphans.

People who attend the next meeting on September 10th will choose the Storyteller of the year from previous winners.

“We are a friendly, welcoming group”, said Sharon.

Bookings in advance from or telephone 0161 282 4436 or 07854 227 805