IT’S hard to believe that some of the artists featured in the Waterside Open 2010 exhinition fall into the “emerging” category.

That’s because the standard of work featured in the show, currently being staged at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale, is exceptionally high.

Paintings sit comfortably alongside sculptures and other pieces in an exhibition that will capture the imagination of everyone who visits it.

If you were looking for a phrase to describe Waterside Open, “highly accessible” springs instantly to mind. Even if you don’t have an extensive knowledge of art, and I’m certainly not an expert, you’ll really enjoy this showcase of talent.

As for me, my favourite exhibit was a painting by Iiona Kiss called Summer 76, which I enjoyed for its simple, sultry sensuality.

Waterside Open 2010 is well worth a visit and the WAC’s light and airy Lauriston Gallery, the venue in which it’s being staged, is a haven of calm in a busy town centre. Rick Bowen * Until May 1. Star rating - ****