ST ANTHONY’S College, Urmston is packed with parents and friends of Urmston Musical theatre Juniors for their production of Bugsy Malone.

The 36-strong cast of nine to 15 year olds adds that precious ingredient — enthusiasm — to the show.

Starring as Bugsy is 15-year-old Harry Rapinett who appears almost all the time and sings Down and Out beautifully.

His doll, Blousey is played by Niamh Mallen, who is only 13 but also sings beautifully especially when performing Ordinary Fool, a slow ballad that matches her lovely voice.

It’s all about gang rivalry between Fat Sam’s followers and Dandy Dan’s. Fat Sam’s gang are out to get Dandy Dan’s because they killed Roxy Robinson with their splurge guns.

For the uninitiated, the splurge guns fire silk string and are on loan from Sale Nomads.

Both gang leaders are well cast. Juliette Latham succeeds in becoming tough and masculine.

She expects to be obeyed.

Likewise, Alex Barrett’s Dandy Dan is a leader to be reckoned with.

A mention must go to Breanna Bradshaw who, as Sam’s girl sings My name is Tallulah with panache.

This is a lively musical with lots of dancing choreographed by James Goodwin.

In a pre-show interview James said he found So you Wanna be a Boxer the hardest to choreograph because it was a mixture of boxing and dancing. Despite this, I thought it was the best dance in the show.

Well done director Eleanor Cordoza who ensures that every member of the 36-strong cast performs to the best of their ability and some, outstandingly.

The nine-piece band keeps your feet tapping throughout.

* Bugsy Malone is at St Anthony’s College, Urmston until Saturday, May 12.

Tickets, priced £8, are available from, or telephone 0161 408 1288.

Star rating: * * *.