IT is no secret that I am a huge Frank Sinatra fan.

His music inspired so many artists over the years and his songs are ageless classics that are instantly recognisable.

From the first time my father introduced me to the music of Sinatra, on an old LP singing Moonlight in Vermont, I was hooked.

I'm not a Sinatra impersonator, but I did want to learn from him and develop my own style.

His diction, phrasing and timing were a personal masterclass for me learning my craft as a vocalist.

But, like in everything I do, I gave 100 per cent to learning about Sinatra himself and not just his vocal technique with his secret breaths and easy, relaxed stage presence.

I wanted to know more and I quickly learned that Sinatra had a massive heart and supported literally hundreds of charities throughout his life and career.

I also learned how he did so much behind the scenes that nobody at the time knew about.

Donating his time, his talent and his money to causes that really meant something to him.

Sinatra set an example that I have always tried to follow.

There are many tales of his life and the amazing things he did but one Sinatra story that I love was when he came to the UK in 1962 and visited Sunshine Home, a charity for blind children in Northwood, London.

When meeting some of the children Sinatra picked up a little girl and gave her a hug.

As he did the wind blew against the girls hair and she asked him "what colour is the wind?”

That one question, many years later, inspired a singer from Birkenhead named Charlie Landsborough to pen a beautiful song that, after his own success with it, he then gave to me to record in 2016.

True to the moral compass that Sinatra's life has taught me I have used my version of the song What Colour is the Wind to raise funds for various charities.

It's a beautiful song that, although it's not in my usual Rat Pack genre and instead has a more country/Irish feel to it. I could not have chosen a nicer song to record.

If you would like to listen to and download this song you can find the link on my website

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