STAGS and Hens (The Remix), Willy Russell’s comedy, fills the Garrick Playhouse with laughter.

We laugh as Stag and Hen Nights for Dave and Linda’s forthcoming marriage take place in a run-down Liverpool Club in 1977.

What’s more, the bride, played by Francesca Heraghty-Smith and her friend, Megan Royle, who is Maureen, are both getting married for real in the next 12 months.

The bride-to-be and groom-to-be, have no idea of each other’s presence.

Well done Leslie Mckie for the effective split set revealing men’s and ladies’ lavatories, where the action takes place.

Francesca’s Linda starts to have doubts about her nuptials when she meets an old flame, booked for that night’s gig and doing well.

He is Peter. Charismatic Ethan Martin makes him stand apart from the other lads who want his autograph.

Adam Rogers’ Dave is already inebriated when he arrives after downing a curry swilled down with alcohol. He spends his time throwing up in the loo and ends up semi-comatose.

His best mate, Eddy, who insists that your own happiness should come first, is anti-celebrity.

Linda’s best friend is Frances, played by Parissa Zamanpour. She always puts Linda’s interests first and remains loyal.

Megan Royle’s portrayal of naïve Maureen is good.

All she wants is for everything to be nice including the joining together of bride and groom.

Her sheltered life comes out every time she bursts into tears until Brandy and Babycham come to the rescue.

The Garrick players retain and project their Liverpool accents throughout and indicate good teamwork.

As for the bride, her friends think she has come to her senses but has she?

* Stags and Hens continues at the Garrick until Saturday.

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Star rating: * * *