HUNDREDS of budding actors turned up for auditions for Bugsy Malone — to the delight and amazement of organisers.

From the 100, 36 nine to 15-year-olds were chosen to perform in Urmston Musical Theatre Juniors’ production.

Director Eleanor Cordoza and choreographer and musical director James Goodwin were taken back by the number who turned up.

Eleanor, aged 26, who works in higher education, said: “We had so many boys because they like playing gangsters. The girls enjoy dancing and wearing lovely costumes.”

The role of Bugsy goes to Harry Rapinett, a 15-year-old pupil of Urmston Grammar School.

“His main song is Down and Out. He also has a lot of words and is learning them well,” said Eleanor.

Niamh Mallen, who was selected for the second lead role of Blousy Brown, is only 13, attends Sale High School, and

sings two different songs.

James said: “The first, I’m Feeling Fine, is jazzy whilst Ordinary Fool is a slow ballad. Alex Barrett’s Dandy Dan sings a song I added just for him to show off his beautiful voice.”

Roxy Robinson (Melanie Arnold), the first on stage, is splurged to death immediately. The splurge guns, which fire silly string, were lent by Sale Nomads.

Eleanor said: “There is already rivalry between Fat Sam’s (Juliette Latham’s) gang to which Roxy belonged, and Dandy Dan’s. This makes things worse.

Fat Sam’s nightclub is hidden behind a book shop, because of prohibition.

James said the main singing and dancing event was Fat Sam’s Grand Slam, which gives the girls a chance to dance.

The most difficult scene to choreograph was So you wanna be a Boxer.

“The mixture of boxing moves and dance was difficult to do.”

James, a 33-year-old music teacher, who will be performing with the nine-piece band.

* Bugsy Malone is at St Anthony’s College, Urmston, from May 9 to 12.

Tickets, priced £8, are available from or by calling 0161 408 1288.