SHAKERS Re-stirred, at the Garrick’s Lauriston Studio Theatre, shows life in a cocktail bar seen through the eyes of four hard-working waitresses.

The four who play them are all versatile performers as they switch from waiting on to becoming the customers they are serving.

John Godber and Jane Thornton, the writers, feature the sensitive side of their natures as well as their sense of humour.

Their lives are ruled by an unseen character — Mario, the bar owner, who is asking them to wear shorts to boost custom.

Nicky, Adele, Carol and Mel are played by Laura Crow, Megan Relph, Tabitha Hughes and Maya Szlachetko. Nicky is unaffected by the instruction because she has got a job as a topless dancer on a cruise ship.

Adele, a single mother, is desperate to keep her job and is happy to do what she is told.

Carol, the most educated of the four, realises that this is sexual exploitation whilst Mel is not too bothered since this is the best of a number of bad jobs.

However, she has a secret which could explain her animosity towards Adele.

Each of the actors performs a monologue revealing the inner depths of their souls.

This cannot be easy yet all come out with flying colours from these and playing the waitresses or other characters.

All are on stage for almost the whole 90 minutes of the production which must add to the strain but they don’t show it.

They act with enormous energy, sometimes speak in unison and they and we have lots of laughs.

• Shakers Re-stirred is at the Garrick’s Lauriston Studio until Saturday.

For tickets telephone 016l 928 1677 or buy on line. Star rating: * * * *