THE tragic tale of Ruth Ellis, the last woman in Britain to be hanged, grabbed the public’s imagination in 1955 and, after seeing the Garrick’s production of the Thrill of Love in their Lauriston Studio, still does.

Directed by Carole Carr, Amanda Whittington’s play details the drink-sodden life of glamorous night club hostess, Ruth.

Her lover, David Blakely treated her brutally and she shot him multiple times. There are implications that another boyfriend, Desmond Cussen, might also have been involved.

The play’s success depends on the skill of actress, Kate Millington as Ruth.

No worries - she captures well her character’s brassiness,, toughness and fragility.

An excellent supporting cast is led by talented Beverley Stuart-Cole as the hard headed night club owner with the soft centre, and Scott Ransome as the Detective Inspector who also has a heart.

There is silence at the end when the saddest scene of all is sensitively portrayed.

Nowadays, Blakely’s violence would have been a mitigating circumstance but the law was tough in the fifties.

Murder was murder.

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