FOR an evening of far-fetched fun, you must see The Ladykillers at Altrincham Garrick.

After a successful West End run and tour, Graham Linehan’s stage adaptation of the 1955 Ealing comedy has been released to amateurs.


The tale about a criminal gang who rent an upstairs room from a gentile old lady whilst pretending to be a string quartet, is hilarious.


The revolving set designed by Barry Fletcher, emulates well the original house. and the lighting and sound designers Trevor McKie and Christine Mills, accurately capture the effect of trains rattling by.


Maureen Casket playing Mrs Wilberforce, steals the show when, totally unaware that her tenants are criminals rather than musicians,  believes all their trumped up stories.


When the miscreants get up to one of their funniest tricks, Mrs Wilberforce asks them why?  They reply “We are artists” as though artists always do crazy things.


In one unforgettable scene, the so-called musicians give a concert to Mrs Wilberforce’s middle class friends. In an outstanding performance,   David Reynolds as Professor Marcus, seduces them with smooth words into thinking they have heard something wonderful.


Wearing his Dr Who length scarf, David plays the role with charisma.


Nick Sample’s Major Courtney - a cross dresser - coyly explains that donning a frock happened when he bumped into it when singing!


The actors playing the other three criminals differentiate their personalities well.


A must see.

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