VIBRANT, energetic and uplifting, Altrincham Garrick’s production of Grease is the perfect antidote to these depressingly dark autumn.

Particularly impressive is the dancing and I’m sure many members of the audience will be aching to join in as the cast really let their hair down.

The lead roles of the strutting high school gang leader Danny Zuko and the squeaky clean Sandy Dubrowski are, of course, inextricably linked to John Travolta and Olivia Newton John who brought the characters so engagingly to life in the classic film version.

But there’s plenty to admire in Gabriel Walker and Rachel Elizabeth Mayon who play the parts in the Garrick’s production.

Gabriel is especially good at bringing out the comedy elements of the role - Zuko works desperately hard to maintain his super cool image - and Rachel has a singing voice with an astonishing range.

Sandy’s transformation from an up tight square to a leather clad seductress is very convincing thanks to Rachel’s acting skills.

Tori Green excels as Rizzo, the all knowing leader of the gloriously bitchy Pink Ladies and her rendition of There Are Worse Things I Could Do, for me one of the best songs in the entire, dream of a score, is worth the ticket money on its own.

An evening of infectious 50s style music and irreverent teenage humour, this giant of a musixal is still well worth a watch.

* Until October 19. The box office is on 0161 928 1677. Star rating - ****