IF you pine for the days when political correctness hadn’t been thought of and an expensive pint would set you back 75p, you’ll particularly enjoy Fur Cot And No Knickers.

The humour in Mike Harding’s invariably dated but hilarious in parts comedy is of the seaside postcard variety and only the incurably prudish would take offence while watching Altrincham Garrick’s latest production.

As for the best scene, that definitely comes when posh boy Mark Greenhalgh (Anthony Morris) ends up spending the end of his stag do in the arms of, shall we say, a very different kind of woman. Enter two policemen and the booze sodden explainations begin.

Most people who go to see Fur Coat will be there for a “reet” good laugh and to watch drunken people make fools of themselves. But Harding makes a couple of serious points about the treatment of the working class and the way most of this country’s wealth is in the hands of the few.

Director Alan Rothwell has ensured the timing is spot on in this very watchable production and has brought out memorable performances from the likes of Barry Spencer as father of the bride Harry Olleranshawe, Janet Slade as Harry’s wife Edith and Adam Gonet as their son Peter, an angry young man who wants to change the world. Bill Platt is also very funny the perpetually sozzled Father Molloy.

Enjoy your journey back to the 70s, to a north of England that no longer exists. Great fun.

* Until September 28. The box office is on 0161 928 1677. Star rating - ***