A SCHOOLBOY from Sale has been nominated in next week’s BAFTA awards and is the only child to be shortlisted in the Performer category.

Khalil Madovi, 15, who is a pupil at The Manchester Grammar School, plays Josh Carter in the CBBC show the 4 O’Clock Club. He is going head to head with household names and acting veterans including The Young Ones’ Nigel Planer.

Speaking ahead of the awards ceremony, which will be held in London next Sunday night, Khalil said: “When I got the news it was just so surreal. I couldn’t believe it, it took a while for it to really set in, especially because when I auditioned, I was just doing it for some acting experience.”

Khalil’s performance isn’t the only accolade in the running; the show itself has also been shortlisted within the BAFTA Comedy category.

Khalil added: “It really is fantastic news for the whole cast. It was sheer coincidence the way I found out as I was in my bed reading Twitter just before going to sleep and saw that our executive producer had sent me a Tweet to tell me.

“I wasn’t sure if my parents were asleep so I sent my mum a text message thinking she’d check it in the morning but then I heard her start screaming downstairs with delight. My dad was really excited as well and they’re both really proud.” .