It's not every day that a Hollywood superstar invites you to his mum's 100th birthday celebration but that's exactly what happened to me recently.

Ian McShane, who you may remember was my first celebrity interview here in Wayne’s World when I started writing this column four years ago, asked me if I would like to come along for a piece of birthday cake and sing a few songs for his lovely mum, Irene. How could I refuse?

Although I've known Ian for some time, it has always been through email after being introduced by a mutual friend, so this would be our first actual meeting.

They say you should never meet your idols as you may be disappointed, but that saying holds no weight whatsoever with my experience of meeting Ian. To say he is a perfect gentleman is an understatement. Ian is also the perfect host and very attentive to all his guests.

I don't know why it affected me the way it did, but him making me a cup of tea and slicing me a piece of cake was really surreal but also lovely. It made me see that this hugely famous actor, who has just flown back from Germany where he was filming the movie John Wick 4 with Keanu Reeves, is just a normal everyday family man who also happens to be a hugely successful Hollywood superstar.

But the day belonged to Ian's mum, Irene or Rene to those close to her. With a birthday card from the Queen on the mantlepiece and a birthday sash that my Val had made for her over her shoulder, she was very much the superstar that day.

It was very clear to see how loved and respected Irene is, with guests arriving throughout the day to salute this lovely lady who is clearly very much the heart of the McShane family.

Irene's late husband, Harry McShane played football for Manchester United. So it was lovely to see that amongst all the visitors who came to wish Irene well on her special birthday was the former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson who brought Irene a lovely bouquet of flowers. I thought that was a really nice gesture that was not just a salute to Irene's husband but also included Harry in the celebrations of the day.

When I finished singing, I sat and chatted with all the family and friends in the living room. I looked at Irene sitting in her chair in the centre of the room with all her loved ones around her and couldn't help but wonder about all the things she has seen in her 100 years.

As well as all her own achievements in life she's seen her husband Harry becoming a successful footballer, rising to the top and becoming a key member of the Manchester United team and then her son Ian rising to the top of the acting world. I could feel how proud she is of her family and how loved she is by them in return. What a beautiful family to sing for.

Later that day Ian emailed me saying “Wayne you came along to my Mother’s 100th and made the day”, and that made my day! I am deeply honoured to have been a part of this wonderful family's celebrations.

I hope that all Messenger readers will join me in wishing Mrs Irene McShane a very happy 100th birthday and send this lovely lady all our love and very best wishes.

See you next week!