Kevin Bryan delivers his verdict on some of this week's CD releases.

G.F.Patrick,"One Town Over" (Need To Know)-Georgia born and Philadelphia based guitarist and songwriter G.F.Patrick mines a rich vein of rock and alt country fare as he strives to give voice to the often overlooked narratives of the countless unfortunate characters who were betrayed by the illusory promise of the American Dream. Patrick's sublime marriage of subtly affecting melodies and acute social concern marks him out from many of his less gifted contemporaries in the Americana field, with "Anger of Magdalene," "Till The Day We Die" and Tennessee" emerging as the pick of an expertly crafted set.

Damien Jurado,"What's New,Tomboy?" (Loose)- The second Loose album from Seattle singer-songwriter Damien Jurado boasts a much more fleshed out sound than its immediate predecessor, 2019's "In The Shape of a Storm." The credit for this significant sonic alteration can be attributed to the creative input of the multi talented Josh Gordon ,whose effortless mastery of a vast array of instruments provides the perfect complement to Jurado's hushed, semi-whispered vocals on subtly constructed gems such as "Birds Tricked Into The Trees" and "Arthur Aware."

Charlie Dore,"Like Animals" (Black Ink Records)-Eclectic contemporary folkie Charlie Dore has followed a fairly singular career path since her first album for Island Records,"Where To Now" yielded a minor singles success in the shape of the infectious "Pilot of the Airwaves" long long ago in 1979. She's divided her attentions between music-making and the tempting lure of a theatrical career during the past four decades, venturing into the recording studio from time to time to assemble affecting collections such as "Like Animals" in close collaboration with her long term creative soulmate Julian Littman of Steeleye Span fame. "Terrible Lie," "A Hundred Miles of Nothing" and the haunting "Ordinary Names" are the best of Charlie's latest batch of poetic musings on the vagaries of the human condition.