Kevin Bryan delivers his verdict on some of this week's CD releases The Unthanks,"Diversions Vol.5-Live and Unaccompanied" (Rabble Rouser Music)- The latest offering from enchanting Tyneside folkies The Unthanks features their haunting acapella performances of songs penned by such unlikely bedfellows as Rudyard Kipling , Mimi Farina and the late great Nick Drake's mother Molly. The contents were recorded live during their five week tour of the British Isles in spring 2019, and the three singers' gloriously unadorned brand of music-making is a joy to behold as Rachel and Becky Unthank and Niopha Keegan captivate their audiences with gems such as "We Picked Apples In A Graveyard Freshly Mowed," "One By One" and Graeme Miles' "Caught in a Storm."

Brian McNeill,"No Silence" (Greentrax)- This multi-talented character must be one of the most gifted and influential performers that the Scottish roots music scene has ever produced,and this veteran performer has marked half a century's worth of critically acclaimed work by releasing "No Silence." This splendid new Greentrax offering was recorded in the Falkirk born artist's own home studio, capturing McNeill's rare versatility as he wields a vast array of instruments including guitar,fiddle, concertina and bouzouki to underpin arresting ditties such as "Prince of Darkness," "Two Minutes Silence" and his heartfelt tribute to the 18th century of the marine chronometer, " John Harrison's Hands."

Gary Fletcher,"River Keeps Flowing" (Repertoire Records)-This musically diverse offering finds Blues Band co-founder Gary Fletcher in particularly fine fettle as he indulges his passion for the timeless delights of blues, Americana and folk. Gary's sterling efforts are aided and abetted by a bunch of top notch players including Slim Chance's Charlie Hart and his longstanding bandmate Paul Jones,who chips in on harmonica on a couple of tracks,"Back To Your Heart" and "You Can,You Can." Bill Gautier's polished production work also deserves a mention in dispatches as Fletcher takes this welcome opportunity to underline his often under-rated skills as a writer, singer and guitarist.