AN Urmston man is going to take on many different roles to keep people entertained this weekend.

With the nation being told to ‘Stay at Home’ for the next three weeks, Rob Ireland had to a have a re-think about his Murder Mystery dinner company called Laugh and Let Die.

He is set to run a live stream murder mystery show from his own living room on March 28 from 7pm on his Facebook page.

He said: “It is awful what is going on but it is the new normal and we will have to adjust to what we need to do.

"All of my gigs for the foreseeable future have obviously been cancelled and lost a lot of money but there are other people who are worse off than me.

"I am stuck inside, so I wanted to do something creative to amuse myself, something to push the business forward and to create an online community to combat all the issues with isolation.

“It is going to be a big challenge for me.

“I normally either work with other actors, or get the guests to play parts, but I am going to have to play all the parts myself!

“I have to play all the female parts as well, and am short on female clothes in my costume box, so am going to have to get creative.

“I wanted to do something to create a little community around us.

"It will be interesting but I have had times when someone I have been working with has been off ill and could not come to gigs so it is challenging.”

The 42-year-old, who has been doing the business for seven years, will be putting on the show and asking for donations from the show.

He said: "I normally collect for the Manchester Mind charity at all my shows, and of course, in not having any shows, I am not earning any donations for them at present.

"So, although the Live-stream show is free, I will be posting a link to my Just Giving page, and am hoping that the viewers will be as kind and generous as my guests always are.

"I will be trailing the show every day at 7pm with content on the Facebook, starting today with an announcement from the Creative Director, Quentin Crisp-Packet.

"I hope that in difficult times we can make everyone laugh and have fun.

"Some of my friends were due to get together but we put on some conferencing software and just had a laugh and a chat which was good.

"Hopefully people will enjoy it and we may do it again."

If you want to see the murder mystery unravelling then you should check out Rob on the Facebook page - at 7pm on Saturday night.

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