Kevin Bryan delivers his verdict on some of this week's CD releases.

Lesley Duncan,"Sing Lesley Sing" (Cherry Red / RPM)-This splendid 2CD anthology focusses attention on the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful recordings that the late Lesley Duncan made for the RCA and CBS labels between 1968 and 1972. Lesley never exactly went out of her way to court fame and fortune during this creatively rewarding period in her career, and the former backing singer and jobbing songwriter seemed quite content to entertain her relatively small band of devotees with excellent offerings such as 1971's "Sing Children Sing," with Elton John helping out on keyboards as she delivered melodic gems such as "Love Song" and the subtly memorable title tune for their listening pleasure.

The Achievers."The Lost Arc"(Freehouse Records)- The  Achievers' life enhancing approach to music-making draws on elements of gospel ,blues ,Americana and Southern Soul to create a heady hybrid whose innovative charms illuminate "The Lost Arc" , the eagerly anticipated follow up to their 2018 debut set,"Live at the SVA." The bulk of the contents were recorded "live in the studio" over a couple of days earlier this year in an attempt to recapture the infectious spontaneity of this fine Stroud band's live act. with some memorable four part harmonies lending added impact to fine ditties such as "See Me Back Jesus," "No One Remembers" and "Easy Line."

Renaissance,"Novella" (Esoteric/Cherry Red)- Cherry Red's latest Renaissance re-issue focusses attention on the distinctive prog-rockers' impressive 1977 album, "Novella." This splendid vehicle for the talents of majestic vocalist Annie Haslam and her gifted conhorts has been significantly expanded with the inclusion of several hitherto unreleased single edits and a recording of Renaissance's complete concert with the Royal Philharmonic at London's Royal Albert Hall in October 1977. Their compelling live set featured some choice extracts from "Novella" alongside perennial crowd pleasers such as "Mother Russia" and the epic "Song of Scheherazade" suite.

Tim Grimm,"Heart Land Again" (Cavalier Recordings)- In the dim and distant year of 1999 actor and singer-songwriter Tim Grimm made the momentous decision to relocate from Los Angeles to a rundown farm in rural Indiana and the rest, as the old cliche goes, is history. The release of the original "Heart Land" album followed soon afterwards and Tim has now been tempted to re-visit this musical masterwork aided and abetted by wife Jan and sons Jackson and Connor Grimm, displaying many of the perceptive qualities which have prompted this prime purveyor of the purest Americana to be labelled "The Poet Laureate of the rural Midwest."