Kevin Bryan delivers his verdict on some of this week's CD releases.

Renaissance,"Live at Carnegie Hall" (Esoteric / Cherry Red)- This absorbing live package was recorded over the space of three nights in June 1975 and found classically influenced prog rockers Renaissance exploring the mildly esoteric delights of their back catalogue alongside a selection of tracks from their soon to be released album," Scheherazade and Other Stories." Additional instrumental support was provided by the massed ranks of the New York Philharmonic, and as an added bonus this 3 CD set also features a recording of the band's Radio One "In Concert" show from March 1976.

Gryphon,"Reinvention" (Talking Elephant)- Gryphon's fascination with the arcane intricacies of medieval music spawned a series of quirkily memorable albums during the early seventies but after their sad demise in 1977 nothing was heard from the band for almost four decades until founder members Brian Gulland , Dave Oberle and Graeme Taylor made the decision to return to the fray in 2015. The new Gryphon line-up captured "Reinvention" for posterity a couple of years later, reacquainting listeners with the sound of the bassoon and krumhorn as they delivered epic creations such as Graham Preskett's "Sailor V" and Gulland's "The Euphrates Connection" for your listening pleasure.

Becky Mills,"Tall Tales and Home Truths" (Talking Elephant)-The latest solo offering from singer-songwriter Becky Mills features a batch of freshly minted songs rooted in the mythologies and folklore of her North Yorkshire home. Becky's witty, perceptive and touching creations are expertly underpinned here by the father and son duo of Ashley Hutchings and Blair Dunlop and the multi -talented Ruth Angell's peerless fiddle and harmonium work, and "Tall Tales and Home Truths" must already be a strong contender for 2019's Roots Music album of the year.

"Driven by the 60s" (Union Square Music)-Union Square's latest celebration of sixties pop culture extends over five highly listenable CDs and brings together classic contributions from the likes of Donovan, Marvin Gaye, Ike and Tina Turner, Canned Heat and one-hit wonders Thunderclap Newman of "Something in the Air" fame to name but a few.This unique decade witnessed a flowering of musical creativity that in all probability will never be repeated again, and anthologies such as this help to capture the spirit of the era in all its glorious diversity.