Kevin Bryan delivers his verdict on some of this week's CD releases.

The Resonant Rogues, "Autumn of the World"(Self-Released)-This captivating collection was the brainchild of North Carolina duo Sparrow and Keith J.Smith, cultural soul-mates whose shared passion for European, Middle Eastern and American folk music has been delighting audiences ever since they first joined forces in the city of Asheville seven years ago. Their third album in the guise of The Resonant Rogues also benefits hugely from the presence of an array of like-minded musical sidekicks including fiddlers Kristen Harris and Daisy Castro as the Rogues indulge their love of string band music in all its forms,from pulsating Balkan romps such as "Zeus Faber" to the affecting old-timey narrative of "The House That Condos Stole."

Anoushka Shankar,"Reflections"(Deutsche Grammophon)- This absorbing anthology revisits the cream of sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar's cross cultural Deutsche Grammophon back catalogue, drawing on collaborations with a diverse assortment of friends and relatives including Vanessa Redgrave, Norah Jones and her late father, the great Ravi Shankar. London born Anoushka's willingness to embrace a variety of musical genres found her exploring the delights of flamenco via tracks such as "Buleria con Ricardo" and "Si no puedo verla" and joining forces with electronics ace Karsh Kale to create the effervescent "Burn," which was one of the highlights of the duo's 2007 album,"Breathing Under Water."

Christine Kydd,"Shift & Change" (Greentrax)-Ian Green's excellent Greentrax label has provided an outlet for many of Scotland's finest folk performers since it began operations in 1986, and although its new releases are a little more thinly scattered these days the appearance of a freshly minted Greentrax CD is still a significant event in the British roots music calendar. Christine Kydd's latest exquisitely crafted offering showcases several beguiling self-penned songs alongside Jim Reid's sympathetic settings of Violet Jacob's poetry and a couple of classic traditional ballads,"Braes o Balquhidder" and "The Back o Reres Hill."

Nick Lowe,"Love Starvation" (Yep Roc)- This perennially undervalued pop-rock troubadour effectively turned his back on the recording process after the untimely deaths of his longtime creative partners Bobby Irwin and Neil Brockbank earlier in the decade, but diehard Nick Lowe devotees will be pleased to hear that he did take a break from his touring schedule recently to lay down the contents of this excellent EP. The four tracks include three typically tuneful Lowe originals and a cover of an obscure Phil Spector produced gem,"Raincoat in the River," all expertly delivered by the great man and his versatile American collaborators ,Los Straitjackets.