MOTIVATED by the classic movie Ghost, staring Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, a touring version of Ghost, the Musical by Bill Kenwright, is currently playing to packed audiences at the Palace Theatre, Manchester.

It recounts the love story of banker, Sam (Niall Sheehy) and his sculpture girlfriend, Molly (Rebekah Lowings) who, when Sam is fatally shot in a mugging during an evening out, prove that death cannot part.

In Act One, Rebekah sings the well-known With You with deep emotion.

The musical gets its title when Sam, realising that Molly is in danger, returns as a ghost to seek the help of medium, Oda Mae, played charismatically by Jacqui Dubois.

Jacqui does not only have charisma. She has a powerful singing voice, can dance, and, above all, adds the necessary humour to contrast with the sad moments.

Another character, Carl (Sergio Pasquariello) turns out to be not what he seems.

Rebekah Lowings reduces audiences to tears when she expresses the sufferings of her character as she mourns her lover.

Another addition to the revised show is the music and lyrics by Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard as well as the original tune from the film, Unchained Melody.

A mention, too, of choreographer Alistair David whose umbrella dance after the interval, is remarkable.

With perfect pace, lighting and staging, this is a must see.

* Ghost, the Musical continues at the Palace Theatre until April 16. For tickets see or in person at box office, 97 Oxford Street, Manchester. Star rating: * * * *