PAUL RENDEL believes Sale and Altrincham Musical Theatre’s Jekyll & Hyde, the Musical, will be a moving production.

A member for 16 years, Paul, the group's chairman, will play the part of Sir Danvers Carew, the would be father-in-law of nice Dr Jekyll’s fiancée, Emma Carew (Francesca Bowman).

After experiments, Dr Jekyll gains an alter ego, the wicked Mr Hyde.

In his role, Paul knows about the experiments and hopes to protect his daughter.

Paul said: “Our production is completely different from others. We are updating it slightly.

“We are trying to make our audience sit up and think.

“We have introduced a shock element. We show the underbelly of London where the prostitutes hang out. What’s more, there are nine murders so we are advising people to keep the age range to 16+.”

Paul is impressed with the progress being made by Ian Curran in the lead role.

“He switches roles quickly, sometimes in mid sentence,” he said.

“You should hear him singing This is the Moment in probably the best voice I have heard on stage.”

He regards the duet, In his Eyes sung by Lucy (Elizabeth Loveday-Roberts and Emma (Francesca Bowman) as “show stopping” when they sing in front of us from two locations.

The director is Martyn Preston. “He is a very intimate director and checks on small things as well as big. He ensure everyone works on their characterisations..

Under the musical directorship of John G Barry a 13-piece band plays rich and melodic music from the rear of the stage.

“The saddest part comes at the end when Dr Jekyll realises he is losing his grip on reality. He begs Emma not to abandon him.”

* Jekyll and Hyde, The Musical is at Sale Waterside Arts Centre from April 30 to May 4. For tickets, telephone 0161 865 0293 or