THE cast of A Wakes Week Wonder don’t pretend to be professionals.

Indeed, the more ad-libbing they do, the funnier they get.

This feisty band of thespians at St Martin’s church deserved top marks for laughter, audience interaction and effort (one lady is 90) on Saturday.

A leading light is Father Shaun Conlon, the Priest in Charge, who plays three parts.

It begins with the rich mill owner and his family and one of his workers, heading for Blackpool. The rich ones stay in a top hotel, the poor family in a boarding house with strict rules.

The head of the wealthy Grimthorpe family is played by

charismatic Victor Black with his dignified wife, Maude (Betty Needham) beside him.

The role of their boy-mad blonde bombshell of a daughter goes hilariously to pensioner Pam Drinkwater.

Flat-capped Shaun Conlon is head of the other family. He’s accompanied by his wife, (Emma McBride), his two children (Carys Roberts and Clara McBride) and their deaf granny ­— played impressively by Margaret Hindle.

The next scene is like a pantomime featuring Mr Punch (Colin Smith) and Judy (Penny Cain) who squabble over their baby (a bear called Bertie).

Then a ghost (Susan Blain) appears and everyone shouts

“He’s behind you!”

A Pierrot show gives parishioners a chance to shine in song, dance and poetry. Three little girls steal the show ­— Robyn Nunwick, 9, Carys Roberts, 8 and Clara McBride, 8.

Co- director, Joyce Heaton, recites Kipling’s If which in 2007 was voted the nation’s favourite verse.

A sing-along, accompanied by stalwart pianist Jan Archer, concluded a happy afternoon.

Star rating: * * *.