SALE Nomads’s panto shows just how pantos should be done.

It’s singing, dancing and humour are a joy for all ages.

My grandson, Max, who has just turned 11, thought he was too old to go. I thought differently. When he was eight, he suffered from cardiomyopathy which meant he needed a new heart.

He waited eight months to get one and when he was nine, had a successful heart transplant.

I felt he had missed a vital year of childhood so took him along. He loved it and was even dancing along with the foot-tapping dancers from Sale Academy of Dancing.

He loved the special effects in the cave scene as well as the singing.

Seven adult dancers are choreographed by Jude Goodier whilst eight little ones are guided by Karen Carr.

A catchy band lead by Adam Garnett not only provides constant music but also successful sound effects.

Aladdin, the angel-voiced, thigh-slapping Angela Cooke is partnered with Lucy Selina Mason, who sings a memorable duet with her.

The comedy department excel. We have experienced pantomime Dame, Derek Stuart-Cole as Widow Twanky showing off his frocks whilst Ryan Hulme plays "her"not-so-bright son, Wishee Washee.

The two stooges, Ditto and Echo, sing a duet praising their role as henchmen which is an immediate hit.

Two other lively characters are Jennie, Genie of the Ring (Jenny Hollinshead) and Johnnie, Genie of the Lamp (Matthew Spilsbury).

And let's not forget the evil baddy, Abanazzar, played by Jon Gardner, who scares the socks off the kids.

Peter Birch not only directs a superb production, but also writes a brilliant script.

Well-concealed adult jokes are appreciated by older people whilst the younger ones can learn new, long, words delivered with alliteration.

* Aladdin is at Waterside Arts from January 16 to 20. There are matinees on the Saturday and the Sunday. For tickets, telephone 0161 969 5140 or 0161 962 5616.

Star rating: * * * * *.