CINDERELLA, that most spectacular of pantomimes, is at the Opera House and nothing could be more spectacular than the coach and horses which fly Cinderella over the auditorium to the ball.

This is supposedly thanks to Fairy Godmother, Hayley-Ria Christian, who, apart from magical powers, has a wonderful singing voice.

Qdos Entertainment spares no expense on lavish sets and costumes including imaginative creations for the ugly sisters.

CBBC’s Shannon Flynn is everyone’s dream of a Cinderella, doing her best to please her ugly sisters.

The ugly sisters have already built up a reputation in Coronation Street with Connor McIntyre who was the notorious Pat Phelan teaming up with his first Corrie victim, Les Dennis (Michael Rodwell).

The formidable pair are known as Phelina and Michaela.

They cruelly make poor Cinderella tear up her invitation to the ball. Yet she remains sweet and beautiful despite everything.

And then she meets her Prince who is none other than pop star Gareth Gates. No wonder they fall in love!

The humour, much of it provided by Jack Wilcox as Dandini, hits the right level making the kids laugh with only the odd more adult joke going over their heads.

* Cinderella is at the Opera House until Sunday, December 30. For tickets contact Star rating: * * * *.