HAS your property been languishing on the market for months? Can’t get the full value? It sounds too good to be true, but now one of the UK’s leading property buying companies has guaranteed a cash sale for your property within seven days – or selling it for the full market value within 28 days!

In recent figures issued, thousands of UK homeowners have demonstrated a massive ‘thumbs-up’ to Homes Bought Fast (HBF) when selling their properties quickly, as opposed to some traditional estate agents that could potentially take months!

With a guarantee to sell properties within 28 days, David Coughlin, managing director of Homes Bought Fast, said: “We are at the forefront of our industry and can guarantee that we can get the best price with the quickest sale and fastest completion for vendors located anywhere in the UK. “We can buy your house for cash within seven days, or alternatively we can get the full market value within 28 days – our great reviews prove that we really do keep our promise.

“How does it work? We have adopted an auction-style process that generates a huge interest with first-time buyers and qualified investors, which often results in us obtaining an even higher figure than the original asking price!

“All buyers are stringently qualified by HBF to ensure the agreed sales complete in 28 days.

“Alternatively, we can also guarantee to buy your house for cash within seven days, or at the vendor’s agreed timescale.

“There are absolutely no gimmicks or hidden agendas involved, just a guarantee to sell properties for the best possible price within a very quick timescale.”

Gone are the days when house sellers’ only option was to wait months with an estate agent, or worse take a huge financial hit from selling via auction.

This offer from HBF may well shock many vendors who have had their properties languishing on the market for six months or longer, or have significantly reduced their asking price.

David added: “Our own business practices and processes ensure that the people we deal with are provided with the very best of experiences in what can be a very traumatic time.

“We have kept our promise to thousands of home sellers across the country, restoring the trust in this sector, and also ensuring we help with any situation a vendor may have.”

Also, the buying potential of thousands of buyers readily available from HBF has increased enormously thanks to the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, which requires just a five per cent deposit.

So, for UK homeowners, the message is clear: You can sell your property within 28 days by calling Homes Bought Fast.

For more information, call the 24-hour freephone number of 0800 612 8634 or visit the website at www.homesboughtfast.co.uk.