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Postcard from Malawi

Trafford Council's former Director of Communications Lindsey Macdonald has uprooted to Malawi in Africa, to be with her husband John who has taken up a teaching post there. She will be keeping us up to date on life in Malawi.

Tracing mankind's origins

Posted on 4:28pm Thursday 8th January 2009

Did you know the oldest remains of the genus mankind found so far were uncovered in Malawi – in Karonga district, in fact?

Lindsey Macdonald

Seeing Fairtrade in action

Posted on 9:35am Friday 21st November 2008

A few days ago I went on the hunt for a sugar plantation, with Sue, a retired nurse from Britain who is over in Malawi doing six months’ voluntary work. She is based several hours’ north of us, in Salima, helping local nurses caring for and visiting people who are dying. At home Sue buys all her sugar from the charity Traidcraft – so we were looking for the co-operative who their white sugar.

Lindsey Macdonald

Counting out the animals

Posted on 12:29pm Friday 24th October 2008

What’s Malawian music like? The international Lake of Stars weekend festival has just happened at Salima near the famous Lake Malawi. Thousands of people partied into the early morning, with performers on two stages virtually all the time throughout the weekend.

Lindsey Macdonald

Settling in

Posted on 10:42am Monday 6th October 2008

A month so far in Blantyre, Malawi. In his blog, Trafford Council Chief Executive David McNulty suggested I’d be getting Trafford’s name in the local papers (www.trafford.gov.uk – have your say) as former director of communications.

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